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An influencer marketplace that produces direct brand sales,
Earns higher influencer incomes and promotes fans to get a piece of the action too!

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Introducing Podcaster Owned Markets

In the podcasting space, not everyone going to get the 250M contract, but why sit around and wait to be found by some corporate $#^T!…


Introducing Podcaster Owned Markets

Brands…is your margin shrinking? This marketplace will secure your business highermargin direct sales from the most influential trusted individuals podcasterstoday. 

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Introducing Podcaster Owned Markets

Get ready to witness the future unfold right here on our FairShare Markets. Brands who add their inventory into our markets will experience direct sales with larger…

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Welcome to the pinnacle of our offerings – our signature product that encapsulates the essence of our commitment to excellence. Join us on a journey through cutting-edge innovation and meticulous craftsmanship as we reveal the unique features and unparalleled benefits that define this extraordinary creation.

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You’ve been talking about it; but big data companies reaped the benefits of your actions. You got excited < when the brand noticed you, may have sent you some product and then even signed you up for some affiliate money! But now you realize you bring more to the table as an influencer and you are ready to create a FairShare partnership and put your money where your mouth is… in your own marketplace.

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The Joy of Giving, making it better for everyone through cosell returns. Campaign Supporters can now shop and cosell any product on the network where they can earn
as they shop!